Fourmidable A database for ant genomics.

Download fasta and GFF files of ant genome data

Ant genome fasta sequence

The following are fasta files of genome scaffolds. This is probably what you want. Each scaffold is a set of one or more contigs joined by sequences of Ns that represent gaps.

The contigs that were used for scaffolding (more than 99% of sequence information found here is also in scaffolds file):

Illumina and Roche 454 raw sequence files:

Predicted ant proteome fasta sequence

Also known as "OGS": Official Gene Sets.

Predicted ant transcriptome fasta sequence

Note that these are the predicted coding sequences corresponding to the official protein sets above. They do not represent RNA/EST sequences obtained by sequencing and assembly.

Predicted ant gene set GFF files

GFF files contain gene coordinates. If you don't think you need these, you probably don't.

GFF files that also contain coordinates of EST and homology annotation (to facilitate manual inspection in Apollo) are not publicly available...

Ant Gene Ontology (GO) annotations

Ant transcriptome data from RNA sequencing

Ant SNP data

Outgroups genome fasta sequence

Outgroups proteins fasta sequence

Outgroups predicted transcriptome fasta sequence